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Whom do I contact about election issues?

The Virginia Department of Elections is responsible for ensuring uniformity, fairness, accuracy, and purity in all elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If you any questions or concerns regarding an election, please contact the Virginia Department of Elections by calling 800 552-9745 or 804 864-8901.

How do I get information regarding the Virginia Lottery?

For questions regarding the Virginia State Lottery, please peruse the Lottery's Frequently Asked Questions or contact them directly.

How can I get information about the Virginia Prepaid Education Program?

Please contact the Virginia College Savings Plan for information on pre-paying for college and tuition-related assistance:

Virginia College Savings Plan
PO Box 607
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Where can I get information on unclaimed property?

The Unclaimed Property Division of the Virginia Department of the Treasury is responsible for returning money, stocks, bonds, dividends, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, and tangible property to the rightful owners.  Contact the Unclaimed Property Division for more information.  

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