July 22nd, 2016

Before the Top 5 is presented, below is Governor McAuliffe's statement in response to the Virginia Supreme Court's ruling on his April 22nd order restoring the rights of more than 200,000 Virginians:    

“Once again, the Virginia Supreme Court has placed Virginia as an outlier in the struggle for civil and human rights. It is a disgrace that the Republican leadership of Virginia would file a lawsuit to deny more than 200,000 of their own citizens the right to vote. And I cannot accept that this overtly political action could succeed in suppressing the voices of many thousands of men and women who had rejoiced with their families earlier this year when their rights were restored.

“Forty states give citizens who have made mistakes and paid their debt to society a straightforward process for restoring voting rights. I remain committed to moving past our Commonwealth’s history of injustice to embrace an honest process for restoring the rights of our citizens, and I believe history and the vast majority of Virginians are on our side.

“Despite the Court’s ruling, we have the support of the state’s four leading constitutional experts, including A.E. Dick Howard, who drafted the current Virginia Constitution. They are convinced that our action is within the constitutional authority granted to the Office of the Governor.

“The men and women whose voting rights were restored by my executive action should not be alarmed. I will expeditiously sign nearly 13,000 individual orders to restore the fundamental rights of the citizens who have had their rights restored and registered to vote. And I will continue to sign orders until I have completed restoration for all 200,000 Virginians. My faith remains strong in all of our citizens to choose their leaders, and I am prepared to back up that faith with my executive pen. The struggle for civil rights has always been a long and difficult one, but the fight goes on.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe

The fight continues #VARoR

The Governor’s Top 5

  1. Governor McAuliffe announces Virginia’s unemployment rate drops to 3.7 percent, lowest since April 2008

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • “Virginia’s continued economic growth is good news for businesses and families in every corner of our Commonwealth, and a clear sign that our work building a new Virginia economy is paying off. Going forward, we must continue to attract new businesses and jobs to our Commonwealth, open additional markets to Virginia goods and services around the world and make smart investments that strengthen our workforce and business climate for years to come. I am thrilled with the progress we have made since we took office in 2014, but we cannot let up now on our efforts to grow and diversify Virginia’s economy.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


  2. Governor McAuliffe launches Virginia Innovation Week to kick off historic cyber and workforce initiatives

    Take aways:

    • DETAILS: This week, Governor McAuliffe launched a statewide tour and multiple initiatives for Virginia Innovation Week. The intent was to encouraging new and creative economic development projects by businesses and public institutions, as well as underline the imperative need to focus on cyber innovation and cybersecurity investments in Virginia. Below is a recap of the initiatives the Governor successfully completed:
      • Governor McAuliffe launched the 2016 Workforce Innovation Datathon Challenge, a competition inviting citizens, students, and government teams from across the Commonwealth to come together to create innovative workforce solutions.
      • What are the details of the Workforce Innovation Datathon Challenge?
      • Governor McAuliffe announced the Virginia Velocity Tour, a weeklong competition that will award $125,000 to the top five startup ideas in the biotechnology, health, energy, agriculture, and security sectors.
      • What are the details of the Virginia Velocity Tour?
      • Governor McAuliffe announced a partnership between MACH37 Cyber Accelerator and UVa-Wise to create new cyber jobs, internships, and workforce development programs in Southwest Virginia.
      • What are the details of the partnership?
      • Governor McAuliffe, accompanied by Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson, also completed a series of cybersecurity roundtables, meeting with multiple private tech firms and public institutions across Virginia. Roundtables were held in Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Wise.
    • Virginia Innovation Week comes on the heels of the Governor’s rollout of Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge – an initiative launched at last week’s summer meeting of the National Governor’s Association (NGA), where Governor McAuliffe was elected as Chairman of the organization. Meet the Threat is a nationwide initiative for governors and states to address the growing cybersecurity threats by building better tech infrastructure, expanding broadband  access, and securing private and sensitive information.
    • What are the details of Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge?
    • “We must embrace innovation and leverage data in order to advance our workforce efforts for a new Virginia economy. Jobs today require adaptive technical skills, as cyber and communication innovations are developing at an ever-increasing rate. We must cultivate a deeper understanding of current and future job opportunities to strengthen the connection between the skillsets we are imparting on our workforce and the needs employers have to grow successful businesses in the 21st century.”– Governor Terry McAuliffe


  3. Governor McAuliffe and Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Moran announce regional listening sessions across Virginia to improve police-community relations

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • “Strong law enforcement and community partnerships are an integral part in making our communities safe. The recent violent tragedies in other states remind us that these relationships require constant attention. We will continue to help localities strengthen and sustain the ties between police and the communities they serve in the Commonwealth.”–Governor Terry McAuliffe


  4. First Lady McAuliffe and Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Haymore announce Tangier Island as Virginia’s 8th Oyster Region

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • “The addition of the Tangier/Middle Bay Oyster Region further underscores Virginia’s reputation as the Oyster Capital of the East Coast. This addition will allow travelers to experience the region in a new way by exploring its rich waterman heritage and history, tasting delicious oysters, and experiencing a part of Virginia that is truly unlike any other.” – First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe


  5. Governor McAuliffe announces a 10.5 percent overall decrease in homelessness rate in Virginia

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • “Virginia is leading fight to end homelessness by expanding access to safe, affordable housing for families who need it. Last year, I announced that Virginia was the first state to effectively end veteran homelessness and vowed to work to make all forms of homelessness in Virginia rare, brief, and non-recurring. These new numbers show that we are moving in the right direction and demonstrate the success of our collaboration between local, state, and federal organizations. Moving forward, we will continue to invest in our successful housing programs and partnerships, as we work to end chronic homelessness and homelessness among youth and families altogether in Virginia.”–Governor Terry McAuliffe


Since the beginning of the McAuliffe administration, 735 economic development deals have been closed in Virginia with more than $12.65 billion in capital investment, which is more than any previous governor in the first 30 months in office. Governor McAuliffe is focused on growing the #NewVAEconomy and continuing our historic economic success.

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