July 15th, 2016

Since the beginning of the McAuliffe administration, 731 economic development deals have been closed in Virginia with more than $12.64 billion in capital investment, which is more than any previous governor in the first 30 months in office.Governor McAuliffe is focused on growing the #NewVAEconomy and continuing our historic economic success.

The Governor’s Top 5

  1. Governor McAuliffe to be elected Chairman of the National Governors Association at the 2016 conference and launch nationwide cybersecurity initiative

    Take aways:

    • Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is the current Vice-Chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) traveled to to Des Moines, Iowa to participate in the annual summer meeting of the NGA. While there, the Governor will participate in numerous meetings, panel discussions, and receptions with a bipartisan group of governors from across the nation.

      On Saturday, July 16th, Governor McAuliffe is expected to be elected by his fellow governors as the new Chairman of the NGA, a position he will hold until next year’s summer meeting. Governor McAuliffe is the first Virginia Governor to be elected NGA Chair since Governor Mark Warner held the post in 2004.

      It is customary for each NGA Chairman to identify an initiative that he/she will spend his/her tenure promoting in states as well as the representative of the nation’s governors on federal issues. Governor McAuliffe has chosen cybersecurity “Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge” as his initiative.  His initiative will place states at the center of defining solutions to the growing cyber threats facing our country.  States have made significant progress improving their cybersecurity capabilities, but work remains to ensure states are prepared to prevent and respond to a cyber crisis.

      The Governor has devoted his time in office to growing and diversifying the Virginia economy, and promoting cutting-edge industries like cybersecurity are an essential part of that effort. Strengthening cybersecurity at both the state and federal levels is also an important national security issue, as cyber attackers around the world continuously develop their scope, sophistication, and ability to steal personal data and disrupt important functions of government and industry.

      While new technologies create security vulnerabilities, they also present opportunities for developing more efficient and protected proprietary networks, strengthening states’ cybersecurity frameworks and expanding vital prospects for economic development.


  2. Governor McAuliffe successfully completes 18th trade mission to Israel and the United Kingdom; meets with numerous industry leaders interested in investing in Virginia

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • What is the importance of this trade mission?
    • “Bringing new jobs and investment to our Commonwealth and expanding markets for Virginia products all over the globe is a top priority for my administration as we continue to grow and diversify our state’s economy. These marketing and trade missions provide the best opportunity to meet with company representatives face-to-face and promote Virginia’s world-class workforce and business climate. They also offer the opportunity to market Virginia products to the world market and to invite tourists from all over the globe to come enjoy our unmatched historic and recreational attractions.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


  3. Governor McAuliffe achieves two new economic deals between Virginia and United Kingdom as a direct result of trade missions

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of the announcement of new exports for Virginia lumber companies to the U.K.?
    • “I am pleased to see our efforts to introduce more Virginia products into the global marketplace paying off for Virginia companies. We have built an excellent relationship with Latham over the past year after meeting with their team in London and inviting them to tour our sawmills in Virginia. After such successful negotiations, I am honored to be back in London to announce this new export relationship. Connecting Virginia producers of high quality agriculture and forestry products with international buyers is key to our continuing efforts to build the new Virginia economy and this deal puts us another step closer to making Virginia the East Coast capital for agriculture and forestry product exports.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe
    • What are the details of the announcement of new manufacturing operation in the City of Danville?
    • “I am pleased to congratulate Overfinch for their expansion and applaud their decision to establish their new manufacturing operation in the City of Danville. As Virginia expands our global partnerships, this deal exemplifies our advantages as highly skilled, workforce-ready state and speaks to the competitive business advantages of the Southside Virginia region. As a well-regarded international automotive company, Overfinch will be a great corporate partner in our continuing efforts to diversify and build a new Virginia economy.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe
  4. Governor McAuliffe announces state lab testing to combat Zika virus in Virginia

    Take aways:

    •  What are the details of this announcement?
    • “The surveillance of Zika cases in Virginia is critical to our ability to prepare for and provide treatment to people affected by this virus. Early detection of the virus in local mosquitoes allows health officials to pinpoint our efforts to prevent the spread to others in the community. I applaud the efforts of our state and local public health officials who are working diligently to stop the spread of Zika, and we will continue aggressive actions to prevent the spread of this virus in Virginia.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


  5. Virginia State Police successfully administer first voluntary background checks at gun show

    Take aways:

    • What are the details of this announcement?
    • “Expanding access to background checks and bolstering enforcement efforts will keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and save lives in Virginia. Due to this new law, sellers not availing themselves of the opportunity to submit a background check on a potential purchaser could now face liability if a gun sold without a check is used to commit a crime.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe
    • “The Virginia State Police report that in 2015, 278 prohibited individuals attempted to illegally purchase firearms at gun shows from federal firearms dealers, resulting in 130 on-site arrests. I am confident that expanding access to background checks and enhancing enforcement efforts will curb illegal gun sales and make our communities safer.” - Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran


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