The Cabinet

Chief of Staff
Serves as the senior aide to the Governor and is responsible for managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the McAuliffe administration, ensuring that operations, staff, and activities are functioning efficiently and effectively.
Deputy Chief of Staff
Serves as the top aide to the Chief of Staff and is responsible for assisting in managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the Office of the Governor, ensuring that operations, staff, and activities are functioning efficiently and effectively.
Counsel to the Governor
Noah Sullivan
Provides oversight and guidance for legal matters occurring within the Office of the Governor.
Advances Governor McAuliffe's vision of a Common Ground for Virginia through efficient and effective management of the people’s resources.
Oversees the economic, community, and workforce development of the Commonwealth. Each of the 13 Commerce and Trade Agencies actively contributes to Virginia's economic health and high quality of life.
The voice of two of Virginia’s largest industries: Agriculture and Forestry. The combined industries provide more than 400,000 jobs in the Commonwealth.
Assists the Governor in his appointments to boards and commissions; manages extraditions, clemency petitions, restoration of voting rights, and countless other certifications and filings of the Commonwealth.
Provides guidance and support to the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Community College System, and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, as well as Virginia’s public and private higher education and research centers.
Provides guidance to the four key agencies within the Finance Secretariat. These agencies handle all the financial transactions of the Commonwealth — from collecting taxes, to paying bills, to distributing aid to localities.
Oversees twelve state agencies which provide often-vital services to Virginians including: individuals with disabilities, the aging community, low-income working families, children, and caregivers.
Advises the Governor on Virginia's natural resources and works to advance the Governor's top environmental priorities. The Secretary oversees six agencies that protect and restore the Commonwealth’s natural and historic resources.
Enhances the quality of Virginia’s citizens, visitors and businesses of the Commonwealth through public awareness, education, training, emergency response, disaster preparedness, prevention, policy development, enforcement, response, recovery and reentry.
Responsible for the efficient and effective use of information technology to simplify government operations, advance technology applications to improve public services, and drive the innovation economy through the Commonwealth's leadership.
Ensures our Commonwealth has a safe and efficient transportation system to support and improve every Virginian's quality of life.
Distinguishes and elevates issues and opportunities for our veterans in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Leads the Governor’s initiatives focused on relationship building with and support of our military and defense installations and the communities surrounding them.


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