Government and Citizens

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Collaborate across secretariats to improve citizens’ access to government data and decision-making processes.                              

Supplier Diversity:
Ensure that small, women, and minority owned businesses are afforded representative access to government procurement.                                

State Workforce Succession:
Improve recruitment, retention, and succession planning for the state workforce.                      

Explore and pursue innovative strategies to increase government efficiency or to reduce government costs for needed services. 

Fiscal Stewardship:  
Manage public resources efficiently and effectively in challenging economic conditions.                              

Cyber Security and Upgraded Technology:
Enhance current technology platforms and infrastructure while protecting all data.

Promote a culture within state government that values strong ethics.                              

Customer Service:  
Deliver high quality products and services to customers in a timely manner.

Encourage user-friendly online services for all citizens.   

Restoration  of Rights: 
Maximize restoration of voting rights for individuals who qualify.


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