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This news release is from the previous Governor's administration.
For Immediate Release: April 5, 2017
Contacts: Office of the Governor, Heather Fluit, Heather.Fluit@governor.virginia.gov

Governor McAuliffe Statement on Sustained Weapons Vetoes


Governor McAuliffe released the following statement after the General Assembly voted to sustain five vetoed pieces of legislation that would have further weakened the Commonwealth’s gun safety laws and put Virginians at risk:

“I am pleased that the General Assembly sustained my vetoes on bills that would have needlessly endangered individuals across the Commonwealth. These bills were disguised as means to increase safety, but they would have done just the opposite.

“We blocked bills that would have injected firearms into volatile domestic violence situations, making victims less safe, not more. Others would have created an unwarranted expansion of persons allowed to carry concealed handguns, including service-members considered by the military as unqualified to bear arms to be issued a concealed carry permit.  

“While we successfully stopped legislation that would have threatened the safety of Virginians, I am disappointed that the General Assembly did not reinstate Virginia’s One-Handgun-a-Month law. The legislature’s ill-advised step to repeal this common-sense policy has made Virginia a go-to state for criminals to purchase weapons in bulk again. You needn’t look further than the 627-count gun-trafficking indictment earlier this month that included 22 Virginians. One of those suspects even bragged on a police wiretap about how easy it was to acquire guns in Virginia. By preventing the reenactment of this rule, Republicans have ensured the Commonwealth will continue a negligent approach to preventing gun crime.”