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How do I get help with a complaint against my local government?

The Governor of Virginia has no administrative authority over local governments.  Check the following sources for local government information:

Whom should I contact about local ordinances?

Local ordinances are adopted by your town, county, or city.  These ordinances may address issues such as noise, zoning, special assignments, water rates, or trees and vegetation in right-of-ways.  As a state government official, the Governor does not hold jurisdiction over local ordinances.  If you have concerns regarding an ordinance in your community, please contact your local officials.  You can search for their contact information on the VaCo Web site.

I have a problem or complaint with my local school board.  Who can help me?

The Governor has no administrative authority over local school boards.  If you have a problem, complaint, concern, or suggestion about your local school board or local school system, you should contact your local board of supervisors or city council.

For a listing of local government Web sites, visit the Virginia Association of Counties Web site / directory.  The Virginia Municipal League is also a good resource for local government information.

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