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Whom do I contact about any concerns I might have as a state employee?

The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management is the state agency that serves the needs of state employees.  Their Web site is a great source of information on employee policies, required forms, the payday and holiday calendar, etc.  If you wish to contact their office directly, check out their Contact Us page for specific information.

How do I apply for unemployment benefits?

Please visit the Virginia Employment Commission Web site or call 1-866-832-2363 to apply for unemployment benefits.  The VEC can also help with other questions you may have regarding unemployment and insurance issues, as well as information about obtaining employment with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Where can I get help finding a job?

Job Seeker Services through the Virginia Employment Commission provides employment assistance and access to thousands of job listings.  Resources are also available at your local VEC office.

Whom do I contact about state employee retirement issues?

If you are a current or former state employee, or a retiree, please visit the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Web site.  The VRS is responsible for administering all of the Commonwealth’s retirement benefits.

How can I get help with my Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Contact the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission directly if you have questions regarding your claim.  The WCC is an independent state agency and does not fall under the administrative authority of the Governor.

The WCC Ombudsman’s Office can help facilitate better communication between all parties involved with a claim.  The Ombudsman’s office does not take sides in an issue and can answer questions and provide assistance.  You can also call the WCC toll free at 877-664-2566.

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