November 25th, 2016

Since the beginning of the McAuliffe administration, 835 economic development deals have been closed in Virginia with more than $13.92 billion in capital investment, which is more than any previous governor in the first 34 months in office.Governor McAuliffe is focused on growing the #NewVAEconomy and continuing our historic economic success.

The Governor’s Top 5

    1. Governor and First Lady McAuliffe give thanks for all the blessings in serving the Commonwealth of Virginia

      A message from the Governor:

      • “On behalf of Dorothy and myself, we are so grateful for the honor and privilege to serve all Virginians in this great Commonwealth. As our family comes together to share a meal this Thanksgiving, we reflect on the many blessings present in our daily lives. We give special thanks to those who work with us every day, including the staff at the Executive Mansion, the troopers in the Executive Protection Unit and the world class professionals throughout the Virginia state workforce. We extend our deepest gratitude to our armed service members, veterans, public safety officials, and their families for their service and sacrifice to keep us safe. Most of all, we wish each and every Virginian a day of communion, fellowship, and love – have a very happy Thanksgiving Virginia!”– Governor Terry McAuliffe
    2. Governor McAuliffe join the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indian Tribes for the 339th anniversary ceremony of the Treaty of Middle Plantation

      Take aways:

      • DETAILS: Governor McAuliffe and Secretary of the Commonwealth Thomasson met with Chief Gray of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe and Chief Custalow of the Mattaponi Indian Tribe for the 339th anniversary ceremony of the Treaty of Middle Plantation. The Pamunkey and Mattaponi presented deer and handcrafted gifts as symbols of friendship and a good harvest. This was an exceptional year, as the Pamunkey Indian Tribe was formally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, making them the first federally recognized tribe in Virginia. The Governor also announced that Richmond will be hosting the first annual American Indian Film Festival of Virginia next November.
      • “I am proud of the long friendship between the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indian Tribes and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Pamunkey and Mattaponi are diverse and inclusive Indian tribes that have made the Commonwealth strong by helping create a culture that is welcoming and understanding. As Governor, I fight to ensure Virginia continues to be an open and welcoming place for all people and cultures. Today, we celebrate an integral part of our Commonwealth’s identity – the original Virginians.”–Governor Terry McAuliffe


    3. Governor McAuliffe announces new cybersecurity partnership with Government of Victoria, Australia during his 21st Trade Mission

      Take aways:

      • What are the details of this announcement?
      • “Virginia is a recognized global leader in cybersecurity and offers top-notch educational programs that provide a pipeline of highly trained, industry-ready cyber workers. Victoria boasts similar cybersecurity assets and this MOU will allow us to share and promote cybersecurity practices that will generate new opportunities for future jobs and investment in Virginia. I commend the Government of Victoria and VEDP for their hard work in forming this excellent partnership, and we will continue to seek new, innovative international partnerships to build and diversify the new Virginia economy.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


    4. Governor McAuliffe announces new partnership with Korea Electric Power Corporation during his 21st trade mission

      Take aways:

      • What are the details of this announcement?
      • “The MOU between Virginia and KEPCO is a proactive step that supports Virginia’s commitment to clean energy, strengthening the energy sector and building a new Virginia economy. Virginia’s diverse energy industry covers traditional domains, such as power generation and mining, emerging Smart Grid technology and renewable fuels. Working with an international company like KEPCO to share and promote best energy practices will help us develop a strong partnership and will open the door to future investments in Virginia.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


    5. Governor McAuliffe announces two new international trade offices in Singapore and South Korea during his 21st trade mission

      Take aways:

      • What are the details of the new marketing office in South Korea?
      • “South Korea’s economy has experienced tremendous growth over the past four decades, representing the fifth fastest-growing source of foreign direct investment in the U.S. in 2015. Strengthening our partnership with Korea is essential to Virginia’s success in the global economy, and I am delighted the General Assembly has chosen to invest in the Commonwealth’s efforts to grow our international footprint. Virginia has made great strides in its relationship with Korea in the past year, and I look forward to seeing more Korean dollars invested into the Commonwealth and more Virginia jobs created.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe
      • What are the details of the new regional agricultural trade office in Singapore?
      • “As we work to build the new Virginia economy and open new markets for our agribusinesses and wood products companies, it is essential that we continue to strengthen our presence in growing areas like Southeast Asia. I am pleased to be making this investment in VDACS's global marketing infrastructure. The foundation we have created today will lead to a substantial increase in Virginia's agriculture and forestry products exported to the region.” – Governor Terry McAuliffe


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12:30 PM Governor McAuliffe to provide remarks at Northern Virginia Regional Juvenile Justice Transformation Symposium
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