Vietnamese Remembrance Day


WHEREAS, since Vietnamese refugees began moving to Virginia in 1975, the Vietnamese-American community has grown into an integral part of the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, Vietnamese-American men and women contribute to all areas of life in Virginia –– including government, business, arts and sciences, technology, medicine, law enforcement, and the military; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth is committed to a comprehensive effort to support diversity in Virginia –– including defending voting rights, ensuring that Virginia is welcoming to all people, maintaining a world class public education system, and building a diversified economy that enables broad-based prosperity; and

WHEREAS, Vietnamese Remembrance Day is an opportunity to celebrate the tens of thousands of Vietnamese-Americans in Virginia, whose abilities and contributions strengthen Virginia’s economy, enrich Virginia’s diverse culture, and invigorate Virginia’s communities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize April 30, 2015, as VIETNAMESE REMEMBRANCE DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.