National School Counseling Week


WHEREAS, comprehensive school counseling programs are an integral part of the educational process and student success; and

WHEREAS, school counselors work together with parents and guardians to focus on ways to further the educational, personal, and social growth of students; and

WHEREAS, school counselors are primary leadership partners in state and local efforts to improve the academic achievement of all students and reduce dropout rates; and

WHEREAS, Virginia is dedicated to ensuring that all students have the resources necessary to succeed in their academic careers; and

WHEREAS, National School Counseling Week is an opportunity to recognize the work of school counselors across the Commonwealth and the United States for their continuing commitment to education;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize February 2–6, 2015, as NATIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING WEEK in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.