National Computer Science Week


WHEREAS, Virginia has the highest concentration (1 in 10) of private sector high tech workers in the country, many of whom have backgrounds in computer science; and

WHEREAS, we must prepare citizens for an evolving and globalized economy by encouraging the development of technological skills and credentials that are increasingly demanded; and

WHEREAS, Computer Science Week encourages all Virginians, especially female and minority students, to learn about opportunities and careers in computer science; and

WHEREAS, more than 757 schools around the Commonwealth will participate in the Hour of Code, a global effort organized by to introduce coding and computer science to tens of millions of students across more than 180 countries; and

WHEREAS, computer science related jobs are essential to the growth of many industries targeted in the New Virginia Economic Strategic Plan; and

WHEREAS, Virginia will continue to be a leader in computer science through entrepreneurship and innovation in its growing cyber security and technology sectors;