In Honor Of Michael F. A. Morehart


State Inspector General

WHEREAS, Since July 2012, Michael F.A. Morehart has diligently served as the Commonwealth of Virginia’s first State Inspector General; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Morehart brought his extensive experience in public service to the State Inspector General’s office, after previously serving as the senior auditor of public accounts for the Commonwealth, and serving as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 26 years; and

WHEREAS, through his dedicated leadership as the first State Inspector General, the Office of the State Inspector General is serving the people of the Commonwealth by conducting independent reviews of state government in order to make Virginia’s government more efficient for its citizens; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Morehart has instilled the Office of the State Inspector General with the integrity, professionalism, and accountability he has exhibited throughout his career of public service; and

WHEREAS, for the past two years Mr. Morehart has ensured that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia are informed about how their state government is being run, and how their tax dollars are being spent; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Morehart’s strong leadership as the State Inspector General set an honorable example of public service; the Commonwealth of Virginia is grateful to him for his work these past two years;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize Michael F.A. Morehart for his leadership and service as the first State Inspector General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.