Health Wagon's Heart Healthy Week and Connections for Cardiovascular Health Awareness Day


WHEREAS, the Health Wagon, a non-profit medical clinic based in Wise, Virginia, since 1980, provides services to the medically underserved and indigent in poverty-stricken areas of Appalachia; and

WHEREAS, the Health Wagon is committed to providing comprehensive and quality care to patients who receive a diagnosis of heart disease or diabetes, and it develops expanded outreach efforts which partner with local schools, churches and other organizations to provide much needed education, exercise and treatment for high-risk, uninsured individuals; and

WHEREAS, the Health Wagon is the only charitable clinic in the area that combines free medical care, diabetes education, and nutrition and lifestyle classes while connecting with the public through a community awareness campaign, which research shows may lower the incidence of heart disease and diabetes by 70%; and

WHEREAS, the Health Wagon in Wise, Virginia, is continuing the “Heart Healthy 1, 2, 3” program, which aims to establish connections between metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease; and

WHEREAS, the establishment of Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM Awareness Day provides an opportunity for Residents of Virginia to join together in their communities to improve cardiovascular health and raise awareness about the programs and support services across the state that play a critical role in heart health; and

WHEREAS, the Health Wagon’s Central Appalachia location improves access to health care for one of the most underserved counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, patients have improved their cardiovascular health, developed healthier lifestyles equating to lower future medical expenses, increased their confidence in managing their illness, and have a greater understanding of cardiovascular disease; and

WHEREAS, many patients have learned how to live healthier, improving health outcomes and decreasing morbidity and mortality rates;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize February 1- 5, 2016, as HEALTH WAGON’S HEART HEALTHY WEEK and February 4, 2016, as CONNECTIONS FOR CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH SM AWARENESS DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.