EleVAte Virginia Workforce Month


WHEREAS, to build a workforce equipped for the new Virginia economy, we must train citizens for the needs of an increasingly diverse economy by giving them the skills and credentials that are in high demand in business and industry, especially in STEM-H fields; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Board of Workforce Development serves as the state workforce investment board and drives workforce policies and initiatives such as focusing on Veterans Transitions to support workforce training for veterans, and coordinating STEM-H credential attainment by Virginians of all ages; and

WHEREAS, the State Career Pathways Work Group, representing eight state agencies and 24 workforce development programs, aligns education and training to the needs of state and regional employers, and educates and trains emerging, underemployed, and unemployed workers through initiatives such as the Commonwealth’s first-ever workforce development report card, which outlines specific metrics for work and career readiness and credentials, including STEM-H credentials; and 

WHEREAS, fifteen Local Workforce Investment Boards partner with business and industry, local chambers of commerce, and community colleges to prioritize work readiness and workforce credentials, and increase levels of attainment to meet regional industry needs; and

WHEREAS, the Workforce Development Divisions of Virginia’s Community Colleges provide on-demand workforce solutions to more than 12,000 businesses they serve each year through projects such as a marine skills training initiative, which brought together five colleges in Hampton Roads to provide nearly 400 skilled electricians to local shipyards; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Longitudinal Data System supports P-20 and workforce research by providing essential data on education and the workforce, including recent studies showing the positive impact of secondary career and technical education on earnings and a first-ever examination of wages for college graduates up to 20 years following graduation; and      

WHEREAS, EleVAte Virginia, the new brand of the Virginia workforce system, represents a statewide network of agencies and programs committed to increasing workforce credentials and jobs creation by developing a highly-skilled workforce and building a new Virginia economy with all of the entities and partners cited above along with the private sector;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize October 2014 as EleVAte VIRGINIA WORKFORCE MONTH in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.