Albemarle Amateur Radio Club Field Day


WHEREAS, Amateur Radio Operators have provided countless hours of community services to our many Emergency Response organizations and to other local organizations; and

WHEREAS, these Amateur Radio services are provided wholly uncompensated; and

WHEREAS, these same individuals have further demonstrated their value to their communities by providing free radio communications for local parades, bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons, fairs, and other charitable public events; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth of Virginia recognizes and appreciates the diligence of these operators who also serve as weather spotters in the Skywarm program of the U.S. Government Weather Bureau; and

WHEREAS, the American Radio Relay League, Amateur Radio Field Day exercise will take place on June 27-28, 2015, as a 24 hour emergency preparedness exercise and demonstration of the Radio Amateurs’ skills and readiness to provide self-supporting communications without  further infrastructure being required;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize June 27-28, 2015, as ALBEMARLE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB FIELD DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.