40th Anniversary of the Virginia Environmental Endowment


WHEREAS, the Virginia Environmental Endowment was created on February 1, 1977, as a nonprofit grant-making organization for the purpose of improving the quality of Virginia’s environment; and

WHEREAS, the initial funding for the Endowment arose out of an environmental enforcement action surrounding the polluting of the James River with the pesticide Kepone, and additional funds from other environmental settlements expanded the Endowment’s grant-making capacity to include the Kanawha and Ohio River Valleys of Kentucky and West Virginia; and

WHEREAS, the mission of the Endowment is to improve the quality of the environment by using its capital, expertise, and resources to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote environmental literacy; and

WHEREAS, the Endowment has awarded over 1,200 grants to nearly 500 partner organizations totaling over $27 million since 1977; and

WHEREAS, the Endowment leveraged its funding to achieve over $70 million in environmental improvement; and

WHEREAS, the Endowment has thoughtfully invested in creative solutions to address environmental challenges by providing funding to advance environmental education and awareness to conduct scientific research, build collaborative solutions among diverse interests, assist individuals and local communities in implementing pollution reduction practices, help establish and support numerous nonprofit environmental and conservation organizations, improve water quality in local streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, sustain important fisheries, initiate and maintain programs that promote dialogue on natural resource challenges such as the Institute of Environmental Negotiation at the University of Virginia, the annual Environment Virginia Symposium at Virginia Military Institute, and the Virginia Coastal Policy Center at the College of William & Mary; and

WHEREAS, members of the Endowment’s Board of Directors have included leaders from the business, academic, nonprofit, and governmental communities including former Governor Linwood Holton; and

WHEREAS, the Endowment leadership has included two notable Virginians with considerable environmental expertise and experience, Gerald McCarthy and Joseph Maroon, as its Executive Directors;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize February 1, 2017, as the 40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE VIRGINIA ENVIRONMENTAL ENDOWMENT in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.