Terry McAuliffe, the 72nd Governor of Virginia

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Terry McAuliffe is the 72nd Governor of Virginia. Governor McAuliffe’s top priority is building a new Virginia economy. He has conducted 34 trade missions, including two to China, personally delivering Virginia’s calling card to business leaders around the globe. As a result, he is bringing thousands of jobs and more than $18.7 billion in capital investment to communities across the Commonwealth, which is more than any previous governor.

To ensure that Virginia remains competitive, the Governor is implementing major economic development initiatives designed to strengthen the Commonwealth’s pro-business climate, ensure efficient investment in world-class infrastructure and develop a 21st century workforce capable of meeting the needs of emerging businesses and industries.

Governor McAuliffe has won bipartisan support for historic investments in public education. He also successfully secured passage of a law establishing a pay-for-performance workforce training program, the first of its kind in the nation.

Virginia is home to more than 725,000 veterans, and the Governor is committed to fighting for those who have served their country. He expanded the Virginia Values Veterans initiative, which encourages employers to recruit, hire, train and retrain veterans. He also worked to facilitate partnerships that increase Virginia veterans’ access to health care. And he led Virginia to become the first state in the nation to functionally end veteran homelessness.

Governor McAuliffe is making unprecedented progress on the restoration of civil rights to rehabilitated felons who have completed their sentences and paid their debt to society. To date, he has restored the rights of more than 168,000 Virginians.

He has recently served as Chairman of the National Governors Association, where he used that leadership position to assist states as they strengthen their cybersecurity policies and infrastructure. He was also appointed by President Obama to NGA’s Council of Governors to provide advice on national security matters.

Governor McAuliffe attended Catholic University and Georgetown Law School. He and his wife Dorothy were married in 1988 and have five children. 




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